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This page will be used to upload Seymour’s pamphlets etc.

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The Monomaniacs – A Fable in Finance

front page of Monomaniacs Inside page of monomaniacs page 3 & 4 of Monomaniacs page 5 & 6 of Monomaniacs page 7 of Monomaniacs

Although not strictly pamphlets I am going to post some links to patents Seymour applied for.

GB103904A GB107262A

Here are the pages of Seymour’s gramophone catalogue


  1. Comment by philip kuhn:

    Hi, I am currently researching the Bedborough Case, George Bedborough being the editor of The Audult before Seymour. I would be interested to know if anybody has found out if the minute books and other unpublished documents relating to the Legitimation League are still in existence and if so where they might be found.
    best wishes


  2. Comment by Sarah Jones:

    I am researching the Legitimation League for my PhD thesis and am yet to come across any other sources as yet. There is a professor in NYC called Anne Humpherys who has a box of documents belonging to Louie Bedborough but they are mostly from the early C20th. If you do come across anything I would be fascinated to read it.

    All the best,


  3. Comment by andrea:


    I am a History undergraduate student at University of Exeter.
    For one of my projects I am looking at British anarchism and would like to use Seymour’s ‘The Two Anarchism’ as a primary source but cannot find it anywhere..I don’t even know whether it was a pamphlet, an article or a book. I know that it was published in 1894 by Proudhon Press. could you please help me out in finding the source of this work?

    Thank you for your help.

    Kind Regards,


    • Comment by admin:


      The Two Anarchisms is a pamphlet and is available in the British Library

      It is a discussion of the differences betweeen communistic and individualist anarchism

      Seymour was an individualist and was critical of communistic anarchism

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